Eco Lodge

Mango Beach ECO lodge strives to be an environmentally friendly and responsible lodge, sustaining and conserving our natural environment as well as assisting to improve the welfare of our local people.
As an Eco lodge we are slightly remote from Tofo Town, located in relatively pristine natural environments nestled between the local flora and dunes alongside the ocean. As an Eco lodge our emphasis is on environmental responsibility and minimizing negative impact on our surroundings. As part of this responsibility we use solar renewable energy as our primary source of power, with a backup generator for those cloudy days and evening power for a very limited duration. So lights go out early! Time to take in the evening sky and listen to nature speak to you. All our lighting is energy efficient LED based, and recycling is at the heart of what Mango Beach is. Our community assistance sustainability projects include locally sourced food as well as building material made from waste palm products and produced by the local villages which surround us, working together to ensure positive relationships with all people. Our water supply is natural ground water, pure clean and most certainly drinkable. So when you come and stay, ensure you help us by assisting us to conserve these natural elements. Your, our esteemed guest and traveler are now given the option to positively contribute to their environments while simultaneously experience the richness and beauty of nature here at Mango Beach. Making use of our Natural world in a positive way!!
These criteria involve effective sustainability planning, maximizing social and economic benefits for the local community, enhancing cultural heritage, and reducing negative impacts to the environment.

Mango Beach – Eco Lodge and Restaurant

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