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Take a road trip

A 4X4 Vehicle is required for the last stretch from Tofo to the Lodge. (Non 4×4 Vehicles may be left in the Village and we will arrange for transfers)

Distances and directions to Mango Beach Lodge

(Via New Ring Road, just before Maputo) from Ressano Garcia Border:
Ressano Garcia Border to Mango Beach Lodge 535 kms
Ressano Garcia Border to Moamba Toll Plaza 36.3 Kms
From Toll Plaza to Truck Weigh bridge 20 Kms
From Weigh Bridge to Ring road turn off 25.3 Kms (Not well sign posted)
Detour of 1.3 Kms to start of Ring road
Pass through 5 Circles keeping straight
(+/- 15.2 Kms to Left Split to Xixavane (EN4)
From Xixavane split to Xixavane 108 Kms
From Xixavane to Xai-Xai 74 Kms
From Xai-Xai Toll Boom Bridge to PetroMoc petrol on EN4 66 Kms
From PetroMoc to Inharrime 106 Kms
From Inharrime to Zavora turnoff 11Kms
From Zavora turn-off to Lindela EN4 Inhambane turn-off (right) 44.1Kms
From Lindela EN4 Inhambane turn off to brick factory and Maxixe (on left) 10.7Kms (Do not turn but continue straight…just a marker)
From brick factory to Guinjata and Pandane turnoff 13.7 Kms
From Guinjata and Pandane turnoff to Construia (building supplies) / PetroMoc Meuela 5 Kms
From PetroMoc Meuela to Inhambane Hospital 3.5 Kms
From Inhambane Hospital to Harbor road T-Junction (right) 0.2 kms
From Harbor road T-Junction to Handling Y junction 0.7 Kms
From Handling Y junction to Inhambane Airport split (keep right) 2.3 Kms (500m from split to Airport)
From Airport Split to Yum-Yum (Machavenga) Super Market on Right Hand side 10.9 Kms
From Yum-Yum Super Market to Agua Amigos (On Right hand side) 1.3 kms
From Agua Amigos to Babalaza T-junction (Turn right towards Tofo) 0.7 kms
From Babalaza T-junction to Bomba Petrol Station 2.4 kms
From Bomba Petrol Station to Tofo Town 4.1 Kms
Tofo Town (left) to Mango 3.4km
M. Fresh (On Right hand side) to Mango (Straight) 3.2kms
Fatima Backpackers to Mango (Straight) 2.9kms
Tofo Scuba to Mango (Straight) 2.4kms
Split in road (Keep Right) to Mango 1.3kms


To: Inhambane Airport

We can arrange a shuttle service to pick you up. Costs vary between MZN 1200 and MZN 2000


From Johannesburg to Tofo – Talk to us about the details and costs

Shuttles depart on Wednesday’s and Thursdays at 01:00 in the morning from ORT airport to Tofo and arrive at 16:00 in Tofo.

Shuttles depart Tofo at 05:00 on a Monday and Tuesday and arrive at ORT at 19:30